Wednesday, December 12, 2007

More Potential Blog Names - Free Book Still Available

I promised to send some crappy book from my personal library to the person that comes up with the best blog name for me when I switch to Wordpress on January 1. Nick Norelli has been trying really hard. (It seems so out of character for Nick to try to score free books, doesn't it?) Nick suggested that I go with a biblically inspired title, like his fundamentalist-sounding blog title, "Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth." So in an effort to be more like Nick, I found a few biblically-inspired names that might fit my blog.

These are probably not appropriate for children, since I have taken them pretty much straight from the Bible. Be warned.

Wine, strong drink, or Whatever Your Heart Desires (Deut 13.1)

Able to Enter
Tagline: No one who is emasculated or has his male organ cut off shall enter the assembly of the Lord. (Deut 23.1)

His Eye was Not Dim nor His Vigor Abated (Deut 34.7)
Tagline: And I have five children to prove it.

And the Crap Came Out (Judges 3.22)

My Little Finger is...
Thicker Than My Father's Loins (1 Kings 12.10)

No Limit to Windy Words (Job 16.3)

Hatred for Vain Idolaters (Psalm 31.6)

Complaining and Murmuring (Ps 55.17)
Tagline: Evening, morning, and noon

Make Their Loins Shake Continually (Ps 69.23)

Hating Them With the Utmost Hatred (Ps 139.22)

There is Nothing Better Than to Eat and Drink (Ecc 2.24)

Money is the Answer to Everything (Ecc 9.19)

Don't Spread Your Legs to Every Passerby (Ezekiel 16.25)

Keep those ideas coming. You still have a few more weeks to get yourself that book.


Nick Norelli said...

How about:

If It's Free, It's For Me

Oh, wait... that's my next blog title... :^\

And just for that comment about me trying to score free books I'd like to heap hot coals upon your head and send you a free Hebrew-English New Testament if you don't always have one...

If you have one then forget you then...

Nick Norelli said...

always = already**

Jake said...

How 'bout these ones:

Tagline: Feelin' fine with Psalm 137:9 (note: it rhymes)

Throughout the Land
Tagline: Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth, and Concubines (Judges 20:6)

Ryan Jones said...

Nick, I don't have a Hebrew-English New Testament, but I do have a Hebrew New Testament, and I do have an English New Testament or two. So as much as I would appreciate hot coals heaped on my head, I honestly think the book will just accumulate dust on my shelf. (That's what most people think the edges of their Bibles are for anyway - to keep the dust from falling off.) Do you happen to have an extra set of Barth's Church Dogmatics lying around that you might want to send me?

Jake, I think the concubine name might be at the top of my list so far.