Saturday, December 22, 2007

Bloggers Unite: Add a Jim West Warning Label

Jim West is shocked that anyone would find his blog a little too edgy. (It's not as if he has any strong opinions that someone might disagree with.) In particular, Michael Jackson added a warning label on his blogroll link to Jim's site. Personally I think this is quite a good idea and would encourage everyone to follow suit. This is a way that the blogging community can genuinely make the world a better and safer place for everyone.

-- Please note that it is very important that the warning be in ALL CAPS!--


Michael Jackson said...

This is so funny.

Start a revolution!

Philip Davies said...

I'm not sure how posting a warning makes the world safer, except for people who like to remian confortable with their own prejudices. Such people can in fact be dangerous for the rest of us.Adults can perform ther own censorship and do not need others to do it for them.

Michael Jackson said...

Warning does not equal censorship.

It's all in good fun. Not trying to destroy the world or anything.

Ryan Jones said...

Philip, since you lack any discernable sense of humor, I think the warning is particularly appropriate for you. You will miss half of what Jim is saying.

Perhaps I will have to exercise my tongue more often, to make sure it is obvious when it is planted firmly in my cheek.