Thursday, December 06, 2007

Get a Free Book!

It seems like all the cool people are moving to Wordpress. I have decided that I can't be cool unless I switch too. So I am planning to make the move at the beginning of January. But I need your help. "Sandwiches There" is frankly a stupid blog name. Before that, I was "The Hungry Scholar," but that made sense when I was only interacting with non-scholars. So what should my blog be named once I move? If you suggest the winning name, I will send you a FREE BOOK! Yes, you read correctly. I will send you a book from my very own book collection. And if it's a really really great name, maybe it will be a useful book too! Wow, the excitement is making me all giddy. If you offer me a blow-it-out-of-the-water name, I will even consider buying you something from your Amazon wish list.

(It will really have to be just amazing since I'm pretty much broke and need to feed my five small children. But we can sacrifice food for a few days. It's really no big deal.)

But in addition to the prize, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you helped make a real difference in the world. Good luck!


James F. McGrath said...

Here are some suggestions, keeping with your food motif:

Food For Thought

Come To The Table

Sandwich was there (but now is here)

Rye 'n' Jones

Messianic Banquet (or Messy & Ick Bank Wet)

And of course:

I offered a free book and all I got was this lousy blog title


Nick Norelli said...

Since James is going with the food theme I guess I will too... How about:

Milk & Meat: Something for Everyone

Loaves and Fishes... and Lunchmeat too

The Voice of One Crying in the Wilderness, "I want locusts and honey!"

The Lord's Table

Communal Feast

Food and Fellowship

All Meat, No Carbs

Or if you're looking for something away from the food theme you can go with:

Ryan Jones: Anorexic

Prayer and Fasting

That's all I got... But I dontributed more than James so that should earn me at least one book ;^P


Ryan Jones said...

I don't think anyone would accuse me of being anorexic. Maybe in college, but certainly not now. I put on 10 pounds of sympathy weight for every child we had. That might be good enough reason for me to move away from the food theme...

These are great. Keep 'em coming.

Jessie said...

How 'bout something totally random, as in something referencing something random in the bible like:

Fresh Water in a Clay Pot (see Lev. 14:5, NIV)

Verily, Verily (with tagline: I say to you)

Forehead of Flint (see Ezek. 3:9, from NKJV)

Way of the Wind (Eccl 11:5, NKJV)

I dunno, these are probably lamer than your current one...

Nick Norelli said...

Here's how you choose a name:

What is the name of your favorite pet?

What was the name of the first street you can remember ever living on?

Take those two names and you now have your blog's new name.

BTW, they tell me that's also how you choose a porn star name... I don't know anything about that though... I swear... ;^P


Ryan Jones said...

Nick, did you grow up on the Word of Truth street? Rightly Dividing does sound like an appropriate name for a filthy dog or perhaps an obnoxious cat.

BTW, Do you know how to make a cat sound like a dog? Douse it in gasoline and light a match. "Wooof."

Do you know how to make a dog sound like a cat? Stick it in the freezer for a week and then run it over a table saw. "Meeeeeeee-ow."

(My wife and kids really really want a dog. I don't think it's likely in the forseeable future.)

Nick Norelli said...

Funny stuff... I'm going to have to share those jokes with my daughter... Sadly, no, I didn't grow up on Word of Truth St. -- I grew up on Lakeview... I was foolish enough to pick a title from the Bible... (KJV of course!) You should consider doing that... when you gonna send my book? ;^P


Jake said...

Here's a few suggestions, some of them more random than others:

Bald and Beautiful


Mantequilla's House of Love

Mr. Jones, and Me

Wisconsin Jones

I Ordered this Sandwich on White Bread - Who Put the Ry-an Here?

I Like Goats

Panmillenial Orthodoxy Of Praise (POOP)

Ten Pounds a Baby (offered by Jessie)


By the way, my favorites offered so far (until my own suggestions) are "Sandwich Was There" and "Way of the Wind" (for it's gas-passing connotations).

Nick Norelli said...

Ahh... You're a Charismatic... Fantastic! That makes choosing a new title so much easier.



Slain in the Spirit

Shout the Devil Out

You betta go 'head Pastor

An Unknown Tongue

Word of Wisdom

Words Easy to be Understood: Who Needs em?

To Them that Believe Not (This title requires that you proselytize atheists and agnostics)

I'm Not a Oneness Pentecostal, I Swear!

These Signs Shall Follow

Take Up Serpents

Drink Any Deadly Thing

Lay Hands on the Sick

They Shall Recover

The possibilities are endless... Those are just ideas from 1Cor. 14 and Mark's long ending (which seems to be foundational for is Charismatic types)...

Email me for my home address so you can send that book :^P


James F. McGrath said...

I think one could do better than those if one wants something along charismatic lines...

Human Tongues (I have a separate blog for anglelic ones)

Not Weber's Charismatic

My Spiritual Gift Is Blogging

Pascalian Awakenings said...

I think you should combine Shrek with your sandwich theme and go with:

Parfait Faith (layers and layers of meaning, and tastier than onions)

"Parfaits are delicious." --Donkey

Grace & Peace,