Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What's In a Name?

What does it mean to be a Jones? For me, not a lot. Before I was born my Grandma remarried a man named Tom Jones who adopted my Dad. Tom was, I believe, raised in an orphanage and never knew his real parents' last name. Apparently all (or at least many) nameless orphans were given the last name Jones in those days. My Grandma and Tom got together after my Grandma's ex-husband (my real grandfather) ran off with Tom's ex-wife.

So the name Jones carries no family significance for me. It does remind me that I have been adopted into God's family, so I guess that is something I can take from it.

Here are some other Jones blogs I have been reading recently:
  1. Tony Jones - my favorite emergent church blog. Unfortunately Tony hasn't been posting much lately, but he's a lot of fun to read.
  2. J.K. Jones - my favorite country-boy baptist layman industrial engineer who reads a lot of conservative evangelical theology.
  3. Leonard Jones - my favorite worship leader.

Anyone else got any other good Jones blogs worth reading?

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J. K. Jones said...

Thank you for the link and the complement.

Also, for your comments on my blog.