Monday, June 25, 2007

Blogging, Theology, and Worship

I have discovered how much blogging requires creativity, and all creative works find their best fulfillment in worship, or at least in service to God. Similarly, at least one goal of theology must be worship, since theology gets us talking and thinking about the object of our worship. Thus theoblogging has a two-fold worship mandate. But because of our natural tendency to twist and distort things, it is easy to turn our creative works into a shrine of narcisism and our theology into a body of knowledge that is entirely independent of God Himself. Theology without worship is like foreplay without sex. Theology that is constructed independently of God's Spirit becomes spiritual pornography, an enticing but illegitimate endeavor.
In my experience, the days that theoblogging flows from or leads to worship have been very fulfilling. Days where I have blogged about theology without God Himself being particularly central have felt frustrating and unfulfilling. I'm not saying that everything we write should be explicitly about God, but I do think that no matter what we write, God should be first in our hearts.

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